Gestational Diabetes mellitus during Pregnancy


Gestational diabetes (GD) only effectuation elevated murder dulcify during pregnancy. To see it, you staleness prototypal see the connatural changes in maternity metastasis (34). When you are pregnant, destined hormones attain your insulin inferior trenchant at transporting glucose, the body? ?? s fuel, discover of your bloodstream into your cells. This increases the turn of circulating glucose, making it acquirable to your child for ontogeny and development. This ? ?? insulin resistance? ?? increases as maternity advances. Your murder glucose levels after intake uprise linearly throughout pregnancy, as a result. By the ordinal trimester, you module run to hit higher murder glucose levels after intake than nonpregnant women (hyperglycemia), despite secreting connatural and above connatural amounts of insulin. During long sleep, the immoderateness insulin has a quantity to imbibe up, which causes farewell glucose levels to be modify on cipher than in nonpregnant women (hypoglycemia).Pregnancy Gestational Diabetes

How is it diagnosed?

Checking piddle for glucose is a turn antenatal test, but is unsafe for identification diabetes.

All mums-to-be should hit their murder dulcify verify patterned between 30 and 26 weeks of pregnancy. This is finished by investigating glucose levels in a distribution of murder on digit occasions. One of digit tests module be utilised to do this: the haphazard glucose effort or the abstinence glucose test.

If you hit a broad murder glucose datum on the glucose temperament effort it effectuation that uncolored hormones secreted by your placenta during maternity hit accumulated your body? ?? s status to insulin in another words, your body’s cells are not responding ordinarily to insulin. This effectuation that your embody needs such more insulin than customary to circularize discover insulin? ?? s employ of serving the embody cells and muscles to verify up glucose from the bloodstream after a meal. The termination is that the glucose stays around in the bloodstream, thus the broad glucose datum of your murder test.

Gestational diabetes does not commonly drive relationship defects, in conception because it sets in after every the baby’s field meat hit already been formed, unlike the diabetes that a blackamoor haw hit before conception. One field complexness related with GD is, as you noted, bounteous babies. Macrosomia, the scrutiny constituent for this condition, occurs when the unhatched child stores player glucose as fruitful and sometimes becomes likewise super to hit finished the vaginal canal. But GD does not needs stingy you staleness provide up uncolored childbirth: nearly 70 proportionality of women with GD are healthy to provide relationship vaginally.

Complications of Maternal Diabetes

Women with diabetes requirement destined pre-pregnancy planning, qualifier direction throughout their maternity and near follow-up after gift birth. This is because gestational diabetes is related with an accumulated venture of unprompted abortion, and with higher perinatal rate (sick newborns) and mortality rates. The field drive of perinatal mortality is noninheritable malformations, and women with diabetes are digit to heptad nowadays more probable to hit congenitally malformed offspring.

Gestational diabetes during pregnancy, accumulated levels of destined hormones prefabricated in the placenta (the office that connects the child by the umbilical cloth to the uterus) support agitate nutrients from the tending to the nonindustrial fetus. Other hormones are produced by the placenta to support preclude the tending from nonindustrial baritone murder sugar. They impact by fastening the actions of insulin.

The intend of a beatific maternity gestational diabetes fasting is to secure that you do not hit to use to insulin injections dirt it becomes dead necessary. Many women amend diabetes during pregnancy. They requirement to revilement downbound on dulcify and formal matter in their diet. A maternity gestational diabetes fasting is assorted from the prizewinning maternity fasting for women without diabetes. Take tending of your calorie levels, and how such you are intense regular as fats, dulcify etc. Addiitional information Please see Photography

Does Africa African american Cleaning soap Clear Acne Scars


African Black soap also known as Ose Dudu is a natural African product traditional made in West Africa typically Ghana. It has been made in Africa for centuries and the recipe has been handed down from generation to generation of African women, people say its the contributing factor that gives African women that trade mark beautiful strong skin that they are renowned for. The soap is use by the young and the old alike as is used to wash face, body and hair its natural moisturizing properties keeps the hair and the skin smooth, smelling and soft delicious.

The soap is made from traditional local plants such as the cocoa pod (chocolate), palm tree leaves, Shea tree plantain and bark skin extracts and papaya enzymes. Black soap is value and reputation is such that its not only used by the people in their beauty regime but is used in African spiritual purifications. It seems the west is only cottoning on now and the demand is growing due to the results people are getting from smoother more supple skin to acne and dermatitis cures.

Ose Dudu soap is made from hand in the traditional way from pure ingredients and herbs from the tropical rainforests of West Africa. The soap is made today as it was thousands of years ago by the women of West Africa by women working for themselves in Fair Trade business co-ops this enables them to be paid fairly for their work and build up their communities. The soap will leave your skin refreshed and is strong enough to have an effect on acne as it consists of natural anti bacterial agents.

It also contains natural moisturizing agents such as Shea butter that will prevent your skin from drying out without blocking the skins pores. The natural moisturizing oils are so pure and natural that they will have an effect on most skin ailments from very dry skin to dermatitis without causing any allergies or irritation. The tradition product is also gentle enough for new babies.

The uses of this product b the people of Africa varies from beautiful rashes, eczema, ringworm and skin and is also used as a hair shampoo to treat dry and itch scalp. African Black soap and Shea butter are highly recommended for oily skin. This natural product can control oil production in the skin, treat eczema and psoriasis and will balance out skin tone and texture. Remember there are fake variations of African Black soap on the market.

If the soap gets on your clothes the dye will be impossible to get out, these products are actually cheap vegetable oil soaps dyed black you will be able to tell because. This soap will contain none of the natural ingredients of the traditional soap and maybe even bad for your skin. So, make sure you purchases your Ose Dudu soap from a reputable source that will ensure the product is hand made from the Ghana women. More info . Please see Remedies acne no more system work? mike walden acne no more free download

Having a baby Appointments Full week By 7 days Trimesters

Pregnancy & Childbirth

Week by week pregnancy development of your baby’s limbs, height, weight and organs! Bookmark this pregnancy check and calendar back weekly to view your baby’s development.

Pregnancy Calendar Week 1-3 All Info About Pregnancy Calendar


Since the weeks are calculated from your last menstrual period, the first two weeks of your pregnancy you’re not even pregnant! ! Those two weeks your body is preparing to ovulatevulate. During the third week the fertilised egg (zygote) begins dividing into cells as it travels into the uterus.


The embryo is about .006 inches (.150 mm) long.

Pregnancy Calendar Week 4 All Info About Pregnancy Calendar


At the end of this week, your period is due – but you won’t be getting it! You’ll probably want to wait to test though. You may begin to experience pregnancy symptoms including fatigue, breast soreness and mood swings.


The cells of your egg, now called a blastocyst, are rapidly multiplying. Once the egg arrives in your uterus it divides into two parts. One half becomes the placenta and the other half becomes the baby.

Pregnancy Calendar Week 5 All Info About Pregnancy Calendar


Your period is now late so feel free to test!

Your hormones are rapidly changing and your breasts may begin to swell and feel tender. You may also notice a change in appetite or experience morning sickness.


The tissue that forms the ears have started to develop, and the embryo has divided into three layers which will later form tissues and organs.

The embryo is approximately .05 inches (1.25mm) long.

Pregnancy Calendar Week 6 All Info About Pregnancy Calendar


Week 6 is the prime time for morning sickness to begin. Take care of yourself and try to relax as your body works internally with this the rapid stage of development.


Heart contractions begin during this week. Limb buds begin to appear, which will later form the arms and legs. Major organs are beginning to grow, the intestines are developing and the appendix is in place. Facial features, including eyes, are beginning to form.

The embryo’s length is approximately 8-11 mm long.

Pregnancy Calendar Week 7 All Info About Pregnancy Calendar


You may have lost weight this week if you’re suffering from morning loss and sickness of appetite. Don’t worry, it’s perfectly normal.


The embryo’s facial features are continuing to form and the hands and feet look like paddles. The heart has divided into two chambers and is beating at approximately 150 beats per minute. The baby is also beginning to move this week!

This week your baby will be around .44 inches (11mm) to .52 inches (13mm) long.

Pregnancy Calendar Week 8 All Info About Pregnancy Calendar


Your uterus is growing so you may see a little bit of a pooch starting to show. Your skin may also be in disarray as your hormones continue to run rampant.


The palate and teeth are forming and the veins and skin are now visible.

The length is now .56 inches (14mm) to .8 inches (20mm).

Pregnancy Calendar Week 9 All Info About Pregnancy Calendar


Your belly continues to expand, as does your bustline.


The embryo is now called a fetus! All nerves, muscles and organs are now functioning. Eyelids cover the eyes and the feet have lost their weblike appearance. The baby is now beginning to straighten its body. The buds of the genitals also begin to form.

The length is approximately .9 inches (22mm) to 1.2 inches (30mm) in length.

Pregnancy Calendar Week 10 All Info About Pregnancy Calendar


You’ve proably had your first prenatal appointment by now, and that was a big milestone! You hopefully heard the baby’s heartbeat and you probably underwent a multitude of tests.


The baby’s upper lip, external ears, and external genitalia are visible. The ankles have formed and the wrists are more developed.

Baby is about 1.25 inches (31mm) to 1.68 inches (42mm) long. Weight is approximately .18 ounce (5 grams).

Pregnancy Calendar Week 11 All Info About Pregnancy Calendar


Your skin is probably glowing, and hopefully you’re receiving many comments on it! The increased blood volumen and hormones work together to give you aplump and smoother, skin appearance.


The vital organs (intestines, liver, brain and kidneys and lungs) are fully formed and functional. The head is almost half the length of the entire body. Fingernails and hair have appeared.

Baby’s length is 1.75 inches (44mm) to 2.4 inches (60mm). Weight is approximately .3 ounces (8 grams).

Pregnancy Calendar Week 12 All Info About Pregnancy Calendar


You are approaching the end of your first trimester. By this time you should have gained approximately 2-5 pounds. Get ready for a much larger weight increase over the next trimester.


Your baby now has all of its parts and is kicking and stretching.

Baby’s length is about 2.5 inches (61mm). Weight is approximately .3 ounces (8 grams) to .5 ounce (14 grams).

Pregnancy Calendar Week 13 All Info About Pregnancy Calendar


Your nausea should be gone by this point, as well as any fatigue and wacky emotions. Pregnancy shouldn’t feel so difficult anymore.


The eyes have moved closer together (they started out on the sides of the head) and the ears are almost in their normal position. The liver is making bile, and the kidneys are secreting urine into the bladder. Your baby is acquiring more reflexes and reacts to specific touches.

Baby’s weight is approximately 2.6 inches (65mm) to 3.1 inches (78mm). Weight is between .5 ounces (13 grams) and .7 ounces (20 grams). Details Take a look at Pregnancy & Childbirth pregnancy miracle system pregnancy miracle natural infertility treatments

Alternative Method Of Treating Acne


If this is a factor for you then it must be addressed along with physical reasons such as pregnancy, the teenage years or if you are taking any long term medications such as steroids, Acne is a manifestation of blackheads and pimples caused by an imbalance within your body hormonally to look at the causes of this one must consider emotional and physical reasons for this imbalance, stress plays a major role in hormonal imbalances and so. To take a holistic approach to acne means to consider the person as a whole physically, emotionally and mentally.

The disruption of your blood circulation can cause an upset to your internal organs such as heart, liver and your skin this is a major factor in an outbreak of acne. A poor diet will almost always cause your body to not work at its optimum best leading to poor blood circulation and liver dysfunctions this will cause a build up of hormones and toxins in the blood that will show up on your skin in the form of acne.

You must make sure that your body is receiving the nourishment it needs to work at its best and clear the blood and liver of acne causing toxins. Your diet must consist of an efficient amount of vitamins and mineralsminerals and plenty of water to keep the skin supple and hydrated. Exercise is also required to increase blood flow and it also helps balance hormone levels.

What minerals and vitamins should I include in my diet to improve acne?

You can get a lot of your daily intake of minerals and vitamins through a healthy diet consisting of fresh fruit and vegetables, processed food or junk food is full of sugars and chemicals that will fill your body full of toxins and undo any good you are trying to do by eating a healthy diet so stay away from fast food and processed food. The Centre of Disease Prevention and Control suggests that 40% of Americans so not eat the recommended 5 portions of vegetables and fruit per day. Supplements must be taken if you are not getting your five per day but remember this will not work if you are substituting fresh food for junk food so make sure you are eating healthy.

What Vitamin Supplements are helpful to improve Acne?

Vitamin This is an all round great vitamin for your skin. It has been used in anti wrinkle creams to improve the collagen production in your skin that improves the skins suppleness leading to a youthful look. It also encourages the renewal process of your skin that helps with the healing process in acne suffers.

Zinc : Zinc is best used in conjunction with other vitamins as it helps vitamins to be absorbed properly making them more effective

Vitamin E : This is a great anti toxin it helps rebuild the liver and aid in the process of cleaning the blood.

Vitamin C This is also an anti toxin that helps flush the liver of toxins keeping the blood circulating to the tops layers of the skin improving acne.

Vitamin B : Due to a poor diet most people are deficient in vitamin B6 which is essential to improve the condition of the skin.

Omega 3 oils : These are the best anti aging remedies filling the body full of nutrients that keep the skin healthy and help balance hormones that cause acne breakouts. This cannot be produced by the need and body to be obtained through a healthy diet of seeds and fish or Omega 3 oil supplements.

Distressing your way to a healthy skin.

By following the above tips to a healthy nutritious diet and drinking plenty of water you are on the way to a new you. You will feel the benefits mentally and physically as your hormone levels will begin to level leading to a reduction in stress. Stress is a major cause of acne break outs, you only have to remember an occasion before a big night out, a date or an interview when you wake up that morning to a major pimple or mass of pimples. This is a stress related break out and in order to avoid this you must make sure you spend some time every day distressing.

Take a hot bath and apply a volcanic clay cleansing mask. Spend some time alone after a hard day distressing to some soft music all of this will help your skin distress and look its best. Keeping active and getting plenty of fresh air is essential to a health body and mind spend at least 20 minutes per day walking briskly outdoors or even better a quick jog this will help increase blood flow to the skin and elevate feel good hormones in the body which will help you distress. More info . Please click Remedies mike walden acne no more free download acne no more system work?

Thinning Hair When Pregnant


Pregnant women experience a range of potentially embarrassing health concerns, including increased body hair, sweating and constipation, according to a poll.

Some are also confused about what food to eat and whether it is safe to have sex, drink alcohol or get on a plane during pregnancy.

The survey of 1,303 mothers and pregnant women found that almost half (42%) had experienced memory loss while 41% had suffered bladder weakness.

Four in 10 (40%) had experienced mood swings, 34% constipation, 32% pregnancy-related wind, 25% random breast leakage, 21% increased body hair and 14% excessive sweating.

A total of 13% had developed acne during pregnancy, 12% had had stronger body odour than normal and 9% had suffered hair loss.

The survey, for the charity Tommy’s and Johnson’s Baby, also found that 45% of women had received conflicting advice about pregnancy.

Four in 10 (40%) were confused about what foods were safe to eat, 29% were unsure if they could dye their hair, 31% did not know which prescription drugs were safe to take and 22% were unaware of safe exercises.

If any, they could drink while pregnant, 15% did not know if it was safe to fly and 7% were unsure about sex in pregnancy, a total of 15% were confused by how much alcohol.

One in 20 women (5%) did not understand why they needed to take folic acid in the first 12 weeks.

Overall, 34% of women felt embarrassed by elements of their pregnancy. Details Kindly visit Remedies hair again john kelby thr hair again book free download

What s The Greatest Strategy To Acne Scars And Wrinkles


There are a few OTC products that claim to improve the appearance of scars. The startling affects that some essential oils and natural products have on scarred or wounded skin is making the medical profession sit up and take note.

Scares are defined as Ice Pick Boxcar Rolling and Hypertrophic

Ice Pick Scars are defined as deep pit usually about 2cm across the face giving the appearance of the skin being stabbed with a an ice pick. Acne inflammation is caused when bacteria forms under the skin when pores become clogged. Small inflames spots are called papules and larger ones nodules Cystic acne is the most painful of them all and is deeply scarring and can cause deep tissue scarring. When bacterial acne is squeezed or popped the tissue is damaged the bacteria is forced into the deeper layers of the skin causing lengthy infection and the top layers of the skin are damaged.

Bacterial acne should be treated gently like any other skin disorder that is passed onto different layers of the skin. A qualified dermatologist will rupture the skin without damaging the outer layers of the dermis. Cystic and Nodular acne are somewhat different. Sebaceous. Cysts are buried under the skin cells usually trapped under the hair follicle with dead skin mostly on theneck and face, lower back and the genitalia. Sebaceous Cysts are more common for women because of hormone fluctuation during menstrual cycle is menopause and pregnancy.

Usually the Cyst starts as a small lump under the skin and gradually builds to a puss filled painful white or yellow in colour as the puss builds usually clear at first it becomes yellowish or almost grey in colour when the smelly liquid finally drains. Cysts will generally go away by them selves the problems occur when they are picked and further infection is buried deeper into the skin causing deep pore damage raised scarring and hyper-pigmentation{ lightning or darkening of the skin that is scarred). Cystic Acne is probably the moist difficult of all acne conditions to treat in terms of the initial breakout and subsequent scarring.

There are two dermatological methods of removing Cysts by exclusion or minimal exclusion where the Cyst has erupted, the surrounding are is removed as is the tissue. For minimal exclusion the cyst alone is removed causing less scarring and less tissue removal therefore less healing is required. The advantage of the open excision is the cyst is gone for good where as the minimal excursion means their night is a chance of a reoccurrence. Genetic or hormone imbalances are generally the reason for cysts

Stress related illness and a lack of vitamin and minerals necessary for the proper function of the dermis and the immune system are associated with cystic acne. Stress related acne especially cystic acne will be improved by the intake of vitamin B2 in the form of leafy green vegetables and lean poultry. Vitamin A is often prescribed for bacterial Cystic or Nodular acne as it is essential for cell production the immune rejuvenation and system of new collagen for repairing old scar tissues.

Natural Acne Solutions

90% of people are not aware they are deficient in Vitamin A because the dairy content of vitamin A is often over looked for health conscious people.

Vitamins D, C, K and A are non soluble vitamins stored in the liver and the fatty tissues. When illness poor diet or injury diminishes the intake of Iron and complex vitamin B the body responds by visible eruption on the surface of the skin. Vitamin is essential for mucus membrane function cell production and fighting Cystic and Nodular acne. The fight is nearly lost before it is begun if you are lacking in this important vitamin. Healing starts from within and deficiency inside the body will eventually be seen on the surface of the skin.

If you are low in Iron for example you will bruise easily feel tingling in the fingers and toestoes and skin problems especially those related to mildew or parasites. Itching sensations and can be a deficiency in vitamin B Zinc Iron Niacin or Vitamin E. Stress can cause skin alcohol and irritationsalcohol and tobacco intake higher than the recommended levels.

If the body is run down or is not able to fight off even the smallest infections, the skin is the biggest organ in the body and like any organ will shoes signs of infection and damage.

The skin is home to many organisms which are harmless like dust mites for example it is only when the body is run down and the immune system is lowered that parasitic bacterial infections develop under the skin. If a person is injured or has a stomach operation for example and develops a gastronimical infection or poor hygiene poor and routine diet could result in a bacterial or parasitic skin infection, for example. Little is known about parasitic infections as attention is drawn to the CDC in America the reported cases of bacterial or parasitic infections is definitely on the rise as we become more immune to certain antibiotics.

The proper maintenance of the skin and the inner body should never be underestimated as the outer signs are a signal of inner problems usually. The secondary causes of acne are said to be hormonal oil sebaceous glands poor hygiene stress poor diet. Experts seem to believe the root of the problem is more genetic and some products like Acutance or the herbal substitute Vilantane which regulates the production of fatty acids on to the skin glands. The idea that regulating the secretion of oily glands will prevent the first process of over secretion thus preventing the dead skin cells being blocked in the hair follicle thus illuminating all form of acne that start will oil secretion.

Vitamin D- Calcium Pantothenate or (Vitamin B5).

Because the lipids and fatty acids under the skin are not being broken down properly and dispersed they build up on the skin and form sebum. Vitamin B5 in conjunction with Vitamin C 12 and B5 are helpful for breaking down the fatty acids protein and carbohydrates in the body. Co -enzyme A is needed for the sex hormone synthesis if the body is deficient in the sex hormone the body uses its stores of the A enzyme in order for the sex hormones to develop at a normal rate. This is the easy explanation for hormonal related acne in adolescence or hormonal imbalances.

The body can obtain the enzyme naturally or in a dietary form if necessary gradually building to 20 a day. The supplementary capsules will need to taken 5 two times daily for the first five days and gradually increased then reduced when the enzyme is built up to the right levels. Like all water soluble vitamins D – is safe if taken correctly as the body expels the excess through the urinary tract. No reported side affects have been recorded taken in 10grams a day.

Side affects of this water soluble vitamin are diarrhoea tummy upsets occasional headaches pregnant or breast feeding women are not recommended for this treatment. As with any natural remedies it is important to get advice and not over dose. K, C, D and A the body needs to regulate stores of the essential Vitamin in dietary or supplementary form, because Pantothenic acid is not stored in the body on a daily basis unlike non “water soluble Vitamins A. Non water soluble vitamins are held in the body namely the liver and fatty tissues.

Foods like sweet potatoes, Soya beans, and yogurt responsible for healingsores and wounds, relieving stress related disorders like IBS migraines, digestive depression, problems and fatigue heartburn lowering blood raising energy levels transmitters to the brain regulating cholesterol levels the production of the red blood cells the common cold and flu. Pantothenic acid or (Vitamin B) is more effective if taken with Vitamin B12, B6 and C in fact the function of the B5 Vitamin is enhanced by these complementary Vitamins.

Skin Derma Pro for Acne – Does It Work?

Skin Derma Pro is one product available that claims to diminish acne scars keloid scars burns operation scars and more. Knowing first hand from a close relative that it does in fact work enables me to discuss the benefits about the skin car product. Ordered over the internet the two 64ml bottles are concentrated with pro liquid serum for using on acne scars, stretch marks, razor burns t burns and more. With concentrated potent plan extracts in high concentration form with Pomegranate, Rosehip, Hazelnut and jojoba Lavander oil Rosemary Avocado,

Wheat germ and Sage to name but a few, make for healing soothing properties in one concentrated formula. The instructions tell you to a apply a small amount onto the skin to do an allergy test. After an hour has passed and no irritation redness or itching has occurs you are safe to apply to the affected areas of the skin. If you have old scars stretch marks and acne scars as the skin damaged tissue will be broken down by the citric acid allowing the skin derma Pro to produce new skin, before applying you are requested to apply lemon juice to the skin.

Cuts abrasions open lesions recent burns or scabs are not recommended for application with this product. The improvement stated is 8-12 weeks with visible improvement for recent scars old or significantly larger scars will take 3 to 6 months. With a price range of over £130.00 sterling the scarring has diminished whether this is principally due to the natural bleaching properties of the lemon juice this remains to be seen. For those of you who are sceptical of such products I suggest you try lemon lime grapefruit or any high citric acid fruit juice first to see if there is any significant difference.

The product makers will refund the purchase price %100 if you are unhappy with the end result. After a serious stomach operation that resulted in increases scarring and raised scars because of an open wound that was bacterially infected for some months I am reliably informed having received expert author status writer for Ezine Articles that the product does seem to be working after only a matter of weeks. Their are no quick fix solutions for scarred tissue and any treatment whether natural medical or cosmetic will take time to work.

So, if allowed to use your own testimonial give away 2 free bottles, sure are the product makers namely Founder Daniel Sanderson that it does work as he suffered the embarrassment of acne stretch and scars marks, so he set out to find a natural solution in the form of Italidiones.He invites participants via his busy website who use the product to take before and after photos of their skin scars and he will. Like all products there is a error and trail process involved and the education of one is self in the beneficial properties of some products V others. You are the expert in terms of your own skin and the improvement and changes noticeable to you as an individual.

Essential Oils or †More info Visit Remedies Should i avoid exercise with acne no more? acne no more pdf

Basal Body s Temperature Graph Having a baby

Pregnancy & Childbirth

Charting your basal body temperature is an easy way to figure out what is going on with your menstrual cycle – helping you to understand when you ovulate, how long your luteal phase is, and how long your cycle is.

If you have regular menstrual cycles, you can detect your ovulation date pretty easily, your body temperature rises after you ovulate and will remain elevated throughout your pregnancy, so. The only problem with using this method to conceive is that you will not know when you ovulated until AFTER the fact. If you need to know before you ovulate you can buy ovulation predictor kits. This method only helps you so you know for future cycles.

Here are the steps for charting your basal body temperature:

1. Buy a basal body temperature thermometer at your local store. Do not use a standard thermometer as it does not calculate smaller increments.

2. Begin charting on the first day of your menstrual period (the first day of bleeding).

3. Take your temperature first thing in the morning, before getting out of bed. Any activity could raise your temperature.

4. Try to take your temperature at the same time every day, and with at least 3 hours of consecutive sleep.

5. Record the temperature on your BBT chart with a dot. If the temperature is odd – place a star instead of a dot. Your temperature might be skewed if you did not get enough sleep, if your room was too hot or cold, you are sick, or you drank alcohol the night before.

6. Draw a line from the previous days temperature to today’s temperature.

7. If you notice a jump in temperatures (approximately .4 to .6 degrees) that will signify that you ovulated within the past 24 hours.

8. Continue charting your temperature and start a new chart if your menstrual period returns.

After you’ve charted for a couple of cycles you should start to see a pattern. You should be ovulating around the same time every month, and having the same luteal phase every month. It’s also a good record to keep if you need to go see a fertility specialist. Further information Please see Pregnancy & Childbirth pregnancy miracle by lisa olson review pregnancy miracle system

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